Sunday, January 21, 2018
11:32 am Berlin

Kaktus IP ConsultKaktus IP Consult works in management consulting in intellectual property affairs (in short: IP) for technology companies, especially those in China.

Kaktus IP Consult helps make savvy decisions regarding your investment in IP, your IP operations and the various uses of IP to the benefit of your business. Even better, it helps establish and build up an efficient IP system in your company, structurally and culturally. Kaktus IP Consult can also help satisfy your needs regarding IP operations in Germany or in other European countries.

Combining IP management expertise with knowledge of the European patent law and technical background, working in Chinese, English and German languages, Kaktus IP Consult is your ideal partner to make
IP serve your business.

The home of Kaktus IP Consult is the creative and inspiring cosmopolitan city of Berlin.